Graphing FreeNAS with routers2.cgi

While the webui provides graphing I found it lacking for my needs and inconsistent for historical use as graphs have a tendency to disappear during upgrades

I have routers2.cgi running with mrtg and rrdtool on one of my freebsd servers
before running cfgmaker_host from my monitoring server I wanted more than network i/o and that requires some work first on freenas.

First configure snmp

Then you’ll want to set your info and change community string to something other than public and add the auxilary parameters, this will allow routers2 to pull all the disk, process,cpu, memory, load and network stats

Auxillary parameters to add:
begemotSnmpdModulePath.”hostres” = “/usr/lib/”
begemotSnmpdModulePath.”ucd” = “/usr/local/lib/”

Once that’s done you can run cfgmaker_host from the monitoring server wait 10 minutes and you should start getting your graphs

Meet TheMadIndian

Well this is my first official blog, I’ve got a few write ups I’ll be putting up over the next few days.

A little background about me, I’ve been an IT professional officially since 1995, unofficially I’ve been around computers my whole life and have been writing simple DOS programs since DOS 2.2.  I was a die hard Windows guy until 2007 where I finally succumbed to Linux out of need.  I’ve never looked back, I’ve fallen in love with linux especially Fedora and Slackware.  My posts will be mostly centered around Windows, Linux and FreeBSD. In my day to day life I run 3 infrastructure teams. Information Security, Operations and IT Support.  I look forward to hearing from you.